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Gin Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin


Silent Pool


The inspiration for Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin, unsurprisingly, came from citrus. But the team didn’t want to make something as simple as a single citrus gin. They wanted to showcase the wonderful world of citrus, create a gin with layers of complex flavour like they do best. To find the right combination of citrus, they went to visit a long time supplier in Portugal. When you ask most people how many citrus they can name, it’s usually around 5. Their suppliers have a collection of over 360 citrus. Passionate citrus collectors, the duo travel the world collecting rare varieties and cultivating them on their land. They gave us the grand tour and immersed us into the world of citrus. They sampled dozens and took a handful home to begin recipe development. The rare citrus they landed on for the core of the recipe were Buddha’s Hand, Natsu Dai Dai, Hirado Buntan and Green Seville Orange. Make no mistake, this is not a ‘flavoured gin’. This is an exquisitely blended juniper-forward gin that results in a beautifully aromatic spirit with a unique taste.